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Soils, Fertilizers & Chemicals

Not just "Dirt" & Not all the same!





Perfect for Growing 

We sell soil and mulch in bulk as well as bagged. We selected only the best for all of your planting needs. If you're not sure which to use, please just speak with us.

Black Soil

Fertilizers & Chemicals

Maximize plant potential

Our fertilizers and chemicals will help you get your newest addition performing to its' full potential. When in doubt, feel free to speak with one of our experienced gardeners or our onsite Agriculturalist, John. 

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Black Soil

Bulk Soil and Mulch

High Quality Products

Farmgate Gardens has been proudly supplying the Quinte Area with Gro-Bark bulk products for years. Our soil is 100% Gro-Max, which is a weed-free, organic, man-made, sustainable product that we have been using on the farm for years in our nursery production. We grow our trees, plant our gardens and seed our lawns with Gro-Max and recommend the same for our customers. 
We offer Gro-Bark Bulk Mulch in Enhanced brown and black and Shredded Pine Mulch. A high-quality mulch for sprucing up your gardens, controlling weeds and reducing water evaporation from the garden soil.

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