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$57 a cubic yard. Gro-Max is a premium soil product sold only in bulk. It is a weed free, well balanced, complete, high organic, light weight, man-made sustainable product with optimum pH, water holding and porosity, resisting compaction. Good for all garden applications from vegetable gardening and topdressing lawns to growing trees & shrubs! 

Gro-Max Premium Garden Soil - Gro-Bark

SKU: 364215376135191
1 Meter
  • Gro-Max is perfect for planting trees, creating new or upgrading existing garden beds and top-dressing lawns.  On the farm we use it for everything, due to the lack of weeds and amazing water retention capabites. 


    This is 100% Gro-Max, with no mixing or fluffing involved. The beauty of this product is that it is man made and therefore sustainable. This means the product is the exact same every time, always consistent. We don't get sandy batches or loads with heavy clay. Just the perfect mixture everytime. 

  • This product can be picked up or delivered. Our small dump truck carries up to 7 yards of Gro Max at a time and due to tight turning radius can get into smaller driveways and places other dump trucks cannot access. 

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